Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

Ductless what? This video shows an installation of a ductless or wall hung Fujitsu heat pump. The unit is installed in a room addition, which is a very common place in which we can install one of these systems.

Do you haul off my old stuff when you are replacing my system?

This is a question I get all the time when I am talking with homeowners about replacing their heating and cooling equipment. The short answer is “Yes We DO”; however I thought I would kind of run you through the process involved in “hauling it off”. First of all if we are removing your air conditioning unit, we must first …

Your Furnace Is Not Illegal and It Never Was!

Hey guess what, your furnace is no longer illegal. I guess all of our competition that was lying and trying to scare customers into buying a new furnace will have to find a new angle or scare tactic. Just to clarify we have not used this tactic and did receive several phone calls this winter from customers that were advised by …

Why is my house so DRY?

This time of year we get a lot of calls asking about our whole house humidifiers. This is generally due to our customers feeling dry skin, noticing the woodwork within their homes splitting or experiencing dry stuffy noses. Dry air can cause several problems with your home and your health. The ideal humidity level to maintain is somewhere between 30-50% …

Gravity Furnace

This video shows a tear out of an old gravity style heating system. Several years ago (possibly before most of us were born) this was a very common type of heating system.

Comfort Tip – High Velocity Ducted System

There are several homes out there in which running ductwork just may not be practical. Every year we see several of these types of homes with limited or no space at all for our ductwork, yet the builder, homeowner or architect expects us to perform a miracle and just keep that nasty looking metal ductwork out of sight and out of mind. I have …

Energy Tip – How “Cool” is Your Ductwork?

It is not “Cool” to have leaky ductwork in a home or office; however the ductwork is often an overlooked item even though it is a key component to your comfort system. Leaky ductwork in a heating and cooling system can waste hundreds of dollars every year and also cause a home or building to be uncomfortable. Your air distribution system is made up of two …

High Velocity Video

In this video we are installing a High Velocity Duct System. This type of duct system will take up less space than conventional ductwork and is a great option for remodeling and open floor plans.

Tip Of The Month – Air Filtration

Typically, during the winter months, we spend a lot more time indoors than we do outdoors. This is also when people tend to be sick more often, maybe it is the lack of sunlight or maybe it is the air within our homes. Who knows for sure, but we do know that the air inside our homes can be 5-Times more harmful to …

Multi-Zone Mini-Split

In this video we are installing two outdoor units that are controlling five individual areas within a home. The outdoor equipment used is the Fujitsu mini split heat pumps with the indoor units being a combination of ducted and wall mounted units.