When the Power Goes Out the Generator Kicks In
Kansas City area weather can knock out power any time of the year for hours and sometimes days. A whole house generator is an investment that you won’t use too often, but you’re so glad you have it when you need it. In winter, a generator can keep the heat on. In summer, it can keep you cool. Not to mention save your refrigerated items, alarms, computer files, and more.

Generators Won’t Leave You in the Dark

Between Envirotech’s generator installation, service and repair, you’ll never be left in the dark, cold or heat again. Our skilled technicians don't just install generators, we can guide you toward the right generator for your home, needs and budget. We know the importance of generators in an emergency and quickly troubleshoot and diagnose any issues to get them repaired and ready.

Unlike portable generators, a whole house generator operates automatically whenever an outage is detected – even in the middle of the night or when you’re not at home. You and your family will have power for as long as it’s needed.

Envirotech is a full-service generator contractor, offering peace of mind and:

  • Generator installation
  • Natural gas home generator
  • Generator maintenance & repair

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