Comfort Tip-Mother Knows Best!

Have you have ever wondered if you can tell the difference by having a whole house humidifier installed at your home? If so this story may answer that question.

Let me back track a couple of months ago when I was preparing to get my lovely in-laws home all set for winter. My father-in-law advised me at this time to leave the humidifier alone, he wasn’t going to run it this year. This all stemmed from a bad experience last winter when the drain hose started to leak and they got water on their floor in the family room. I obliged and left it alone without replacing the water panel or servicing it.

Well this past weekend I got a phone call. It was the Mr. Father-In-Law asking me to get him the water panel and some spare drain hose. I guess at some point upper management (Momma-In-Law) had been complaining because the house was feeling a bit dryer than normal. I don’t know how long the complaining went on before he finally spilled the beans but I am sure she was non-the-less a bit aggravated with him (oh to have a fly on the wall at that moment would have been nice).

So I did as I was told and picked up the supplies and brought them by. Today the house humidity is back in check, Momma is happy (which means everyone is happy) and I can share the answer to the question now with a definite YES! She and You can tell a difference when a humidifier is installed and/or working at your home and remember Mother Always Knows Best (don’t tell my wife I said this).