Why is my house so DRY?

This time of year we get a lot of calls asking about our whole house humidifiers. This is generally due to our customers feeling dry skin, noticing the woodwork within their homes splitting or experiencing dry stuffy noses. Dry air can cause several problems with your home and your health. The ideal humidity level to maintain is somewhere between 30-50% but we have seen homes without a humidifier drop well below 15% in the cold winter months, which is drier than the Sahara Desert.

A whole house humidifier installs on your furnaces ductwork and will help increase the humidity level in your home whenever the furnace is running and there is a need for added humidity. Also did you know that a home with the proper humidity level will feel warmer than a dry house? Just think about it, in the summer months when it is hot and humid out we say “it’s not the heat its the humidity that will get you” well what they means is a humid climate will feel warmer than a dry one. So when you add a whole house humidifier you will be able to lower your thermostat setting and save on your utility bills. By maintaining the proper humidity level within your home you can help you and your family stay comfortable, remain healthy, lower your utility bills and keep your homes structure in tact.

For more information visit our indoor air quality page.


James Gallet