Water Heaters

Tanked, Tankless and Hybrid Water Heaters Matched to Your Needs and Usage
Envirotech installs and services conventional tanked water heaters, tankless water heaters and hybrid water heaters. Whether you’re replacing a water heater that’s gone out or one that’s leaving you with cold showers, we can help you choose a water heater matched to your needs and usage.

Tanked Water Heaters

Conventional tanked water heaters are the most common in homes. They’re typically 40- or 50-gallon storage tanks that keep water hot and ready for use. One of the major problems with a tanked water heater is that it burns fuel and cycles even when you are not using any hot water. Another problem is capacity. Once the tank is empty, you’re stuck with cold water until the water heater has a chance to heat more water. Larger families who take back-to-back showers are very familiar with running out of hot water and rushing through a cold shower. For smaller families, tanked water heaters can provide more than enough water most of the time. Between that and cost, tanked water heaters are a popular choice for many of our customers.

Tankless and Hybrid Water Heaters

A hybrid or tankless water heater saves energy costs and provides hot water on demand. These water heaters have no storage tank and only burn fuel when you turn on the hot water.

The hybrid water heater is vented to the outside using PVC pipe as opposed to the metal piping that is required with a tanked water heater. We no longer have to relocate the water heater on an exterior wall. We can leave the hybrid version in the current tanked water heater location, which helps save on installation and also avoids some of the time you spend waiting for the water to get hot at your faucets.

Envirotech installs several brands of tankless or hybrid water heaters, and we can match the right brand and type to your specific needs.


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