Without a Home Generator, You’re Powerless When the Power Goes Out

Without a Home Generator, You’re Powerless When the Power Goes Out

Generac, a leading home generator manufacturer, found that 47 percent of all power outages are due to strong storms. Thirty-four percent are caused by snow and ice storms. Equipment failures and unknown reasons make up the remaining 19 percent of outages. Power outages can last from minutes to hours and days, which makes everything you do – from turning on a light, watching a movie with the family and cooking a meal to keeping food at a safe temperature and staying comfortably warm or cool. Your power can go out any time, but when you install a home generator, you’re no longer powerless when it does – even when you’re away or asleep.

A Home Generator is a Wise Investment in Your Comfort and Peace of Mind

You can’t plan for a power outage. What you can plan for is to be prepared when it happens. A home generator automatically comes on when your power goes out. During generator installation, your technician installs the generator and a transfer switch that transfers power from the power company lines to your generator. The generator sits outside of your home, just like your air conditioner. The transfer switch is installed near your circuit breaker box or might be able to replace the main box. Not a matter of if, but when, your power goes out, the generator takes over letting you go on with life as usual. No worrying about oversleeping, having to throw out spoiled food, sweating or freezing to death, powering life-saving medical devices and security devices, plus all the other concerns that come with power outages.

A Generator for Your House is More Affordable Than You Might Think

There is a generator for every situation and budget. Your Envirotech technician will talk to you about your specific needs, which means more than just the square footage of your house. While whole house generators are nice, there are other options, too.

Whole home coverage: to keep the power on during an outage throughout your entire house, a whole home generator is the right choice.

Smart power coverage: to keep power flowing to your house’s circuits, a power management system cycles on and off based on your preferences. More affordable than whole home generators, smart powered generators give power to different appliances at different times. For example, while your heating the kids’ bath water or you’re charging your devices, your HVAC system is off. When bath time is over, the generator can cycle back to powering the HVAC. You get to decide what runs when.

Basic power coverage: to keep the basics operating, a basic power generator keeps the power on for essential systems and appliances, such as the lights, HVAC, sump pump, water heater and fridge and freezer.

Equipment as Important as Your Home Generator Should be the Best

Even though Envirotech services and repairs all brands of home generators, we recommend Generac because it’s the top name in the industry for proven reliability. Since you never know how long the power will be out, Generac home generators are designed and built to take the strain of running for hours, days and weeks.


Don’t Be Left Powerless and in the Dark Next Time the Power Fails

With a home generator installation now, you’ll be ready. Envirotech’s technicians can help you choose the right generator for your home, needs and budget, and of course handle installation, service and repair. We understand how important, and even life-saving a home generator can be when medical equipment needs power or it’s freezing or sweltering outside.

Tell us what you want to protect most when the power goes out. We’ll match the right home generator to your needs, along with a comprehensive estimate.

Have a generator, but not sure you can count on it when you’ll need it most? Let us come out for maintenance or repair.