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It’s Time to Schedule Spring Maintenance Service with Envirotech for Your HVAC System

Spring adds a lot of to-dos to your list. Setting clocks ahead, yard and home exterior maintenance, cleaning the winter grime off the car, and of course, getting your AC ready for the long, hot days of summer right around the corner. Think of your HVAC system like anything else mechanical. If you want to keep it running in top condition, regular maintenance is a must.

Now’s the time to schedule maintenance service for your air conditioner. However, this important item on your to-do list is easy to skip because air conditioners are easy to take for granted. These work horses are out of sight, out of mind as long as they’re working, which is exactly why spring maintenance is so important. Here’s what we mean:

Professionally performed spring maintenance from Envirotech on your HVAC:

  • Prevents little issues from becoming huge, expensive, annoying problems. Wear and tear on mechanical appliances are real and unavoidable. Your HVAC system works hard all year long thanks to Shawnee’s cold winters and hot summers. The more extreme the temperatures, the more wear you have on your system and the better chances of tear taking a toll. Usually, issues start small and grow bigger with time. Having Envirotech service your AC every spring gives our techs a chance to identify and repair any problems early on, meaning not only is your air conditioner in prime condition for summer, but it’s less likely you’ll have a catastrophic break down on a 100-degree day.
  • Protects your HVAC system’s warranty. If your air conditioner is new or relatively new, you might think maintenance isn’t necessary. False. Though your AC might’ve come with a long-term warranty, the fine print includes language that could void any protection if regular maintenance wasn’t performed. Having your unit serviced by an Envirotech professional technician ensures you’re keeping up your end of the warranty bargain.
  • Reduces your environmental footprint. Maintained air conditioners run efficiently, reducing demand on the power grid. In recent winters and summers, we’re seeing power companies request customers scale back energy use in peak times. Spring maintenance helps ensure your unit is operating efficiently, so your unit isn’t struggling to keep up and fighting for resources.
  • Increases your comfort level. On ridiculously hot summer days, you want to be as cool and comfortable as possible in your home. Spring maintenance involves checking that your AC’s components aren’t clogged with muck that makes the unit take longer to cool your home.
  • Saves money. The more you use your AC unit, the higher your utility bills. Spring maintenance helps your AC cool your home more efficiently without unnecessarily running through cycles to maintain a set degree. Plus, maintenance helps prolong your unit’s lifespan and avoid the expense of prematurely having to buy a new one.

Spring Maintenance is a Necessity, so Take Advantage of Our Energy Savings Agreement

What’s the Energy Savings Agreement (ESA)? ESA is our maintenance program. If you’re going to maintain your HVAC, you might as well enjoy lots of savings and perks, right?

  • Priority scheduling
  • 20% discount on diagnostic service and repairs
  • 5% discount on equipment
  • No overtime charges
  • No hassle maintenance scheduling—we call you

Will you come out ahead with the ESA? Most customers do. We offer several levels to meet your needs and budget. Talk to our team, and we’ll figure out the best choice for you.

Put maintenance on autopilot and save money.


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