Comfort Tip – Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump

What is a Mini Split? Well if you have ever traveled to Europe or Asia (I have not but have had a good customer and friend of mine inform me of this) you have probably had your hotel room or living quarters heating and cooled with this type of system. I know that most Asian areas have very limited amounts of space, therefore this system is perfect for tight areas with little or no space outside or on the ground. If you are not into traveling abroad, here in the US the mini split systems are catching on due to their high energy efficiency and also for space conditioning of hard to heat rooms, rooms with no access to ductwork, room additions, attics and spot heating and cooling.

Did you know that as much as half of the energy used in our homes and offices are for heating and cooling purposes? Out of that we lose up to 30% of the efficiency in a standard heating and cooling system through leaky ductwork, improperly sized or improperly installed equipment. The top of the line air conditioning units today being installed are rated at 16-18SEER, I like to compare SEER (or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) to miles per gallon on a car. The higher the SEER the better your MPG or utility usage is. The Mini-Split systems can achieve upwards of 26 SEER…..WOW!

The most common type of Mini Split that we install are the wall hung heat pump models. There is no ductwork for this system and it will heat as well as cool. We have grown to love the quietness, ease of installation and operation of the Fujitsu brand systems. Some of the jobs in which we have installed the Mini Split systems are room additions, sun rooms (formerly a screened in porch), upstairs master suites, computer server rooms, finished basements with no ductwork access, master bedroom additions and office spaces.

If you would like to see a video of one of our installs please visit the Envirotech You Tube page. I will be posting a newer installation in the coming months of a job we are doing now that is under construction. We are installing two outdoor units with five indoor units, so what that means is there are two heat pumps outside and a total of five indoor spaces with their own independent temperature controls. You can also view some photo’s of the installs on the  page.

Please call me if you have any questions, comments or energy savings tips.