Cover Your HVAC System with a Maintenance Agreement Before It’s Too Late

Cover Your HVAC System with a Maintenance Agreement Before It’s Too Late

Many homeowners know the feeling of turning on the air conditioner or furnace for the first time in a new season and it doesn’t kick on, or blow cold or hot air. Most have felt dread over their A/C or furnace going out on the hottest or coldest days of the year. There are a few who’ve completely ignored HVAC maintenance and had to pay for expensive repairs or replace their units far earlier than necessary. And, most homeowners pay more than they need to on their heating and cooling bills with rates expected to increase (even more than they have already). Not only do all of these situations cause mental stress, they’re downright physically uncomfortable.

There also are safety concerns associated with properly and regularly maintaining an HVAC system. Your furnace and air conditioner both pose fire hazards should a leak occur in your gas line, an electrical connection come loose or any problems arise with the unit’s wiring. Your air conditioner’s drain pipe can become clogged, leading to water damage and mold. And, furnaces present carbon monoxide dangers, which are life-threatening and happen every fall as homeowners turn on the heat.

An HVAC Maintenance Agreement is an Affordable, Safe Solution

Most of the above can be avoided with one thing: an affordable, customized HVAC maintenance agreement with Envirotech Heating & Cooling. A maintenance agreement covers your HVAC system two-fold:

  • Finding and addressing any issues that aren’t causing problems now, but will soon
  • Performing regular maintenance to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently

Regular HVAC maintenance affects performance, and thus reliability and efficiency. Your air conditioner and furnace are pieces of equipment. All equipment is made up of mechanical parts that wear out over time. The better maintained the equipment is and the better you keep an eye on the components, the better it will run and the longer it will last. Maintenance can involve a simple inspection and cleaning of any parts and components that require them, as well as early replacement of those showing signs of failing soon. In the end, your HVAC system will run more efficiently, which lowers your utility bills and helps ensure your equipment doesn’t fail completely and need replacement before necessary.

A maintenance agreement with Envirotech Heating & Cooling comes with other perks. We all take for granted being comfortable in our own homes, meaning we need our HVAC system to simply work. A maintenance agreement can decrease the chances of your air conditioner and furnace breaking down, as routine maintenance will catch small issues before they have a chance to become big, expensive problems.

With a maintenance agreement, little things like changing the air filter are one less item to check off of your to-do list, much less remember to do in the first place.

And if something should go wrong with your HVAC system, having a maintenance agreement with Envirotech means you qualify for a discount on service and priority scheduling.

Let’s Customize an HVAC Maintenance Agreement to Your Equipment and Budget
Some of our customers have older HVAC equipment, requiring more upkeep to remain as reliable and efficient as possible. Some have newer systems, but still need annual maintenance to extend their lifespan. Others have a set budget they want to stick to while protecting their HVAC investment and managing their utility costs.

We have several options available for your home or business when it comes to maintenance agreements. Contact us today to discuss customizing an agreement that works best for you.