Don’t Let Summer Snowfall Stifle Your A/C Cool

Ever stand in the shade of a soaring Cottonwood, relishing the tufts of fluffy white seeds as they float and waft around you? Cottonwoods may create summertime magic, but that fuzzy “snowfall” can make it difficult for you to keep your cool when the summer swelters start. Those majestic seeds are infamous for their ability to find your air conditioning unit and clog it, preventing you from taking in some fresh, cool air when you need it most.

Cottonwood fibers often latch on to parts of an A/C unit such as the evaporator and condenser coil where they proceed to reduce airflow and make it more difficult to expel hot air. While pretty, cottonwood “snow” fibers when trapped in your unit will reduce efficiency and result in a higher energy bill, an overheated compressor and a hefty repair bill.

How can I check for cottonwood fibers clogging my A/C unit?

The best way to ensure your A/C unit is free from damaging cottonwood fibers is to schedule professional A/C maintenance. Invasive fibers aren’t always noticeable from the outside of your unit; even if the exterior is clean, cotton may be clogging other areas internally. A skilled HVAC technician will know where to look to remove those elusive fibers and keep your system humming all summer long. Maintenance should be done yearly to ensure your HVAC system is running efficiently.

To learn how to keep your unit clean or to find out more about our maintenance agreements and financing options, please call us at 913-380-1718.

Do I really need to have my A/C unit serviced every year?

 Yes – scheduling annual A/C maintenance is the best way to prolong your unit’s lifespan and maximize efficiency. And with Envirotech’s Energy Savings Agreement (ESA), it’s easy and cost-effective too! Here are just a few of the perks our ESA members receive:

  • Priority scheduling
  • 20% discount on diagnostic service and repairs
  • 5% discount on equipment
  • No overtime charges
  • No hassle maintenance scheduling—we call you

Will you come out ahead with the ESA? Most customers do. We offer several levels to meet your needs and budget. Talk to our team, and we’ll figure out the best choice for you.

Put maintenance on autopilot and save money.