Can I Skip My HVAC Maintenance Service This Year?

Can I Skip My HVAC Maintenance Service This Year?

We get it. Everything is more expensive. It’s a busy time of year. Your furnace held its own against Kansas City’s last cold winter. You really don’t need something else on your fall to-do list. So, can you skip your HVAC maintenance service appointment this year? You could, but should you? No.

But, really… what’s the harm if you miss one fall furnace service with Envirotech’s HVAC experts? The risks are similar to if you skip an oil change for your vehicle. Sure, it might continue running—for a while. But, just like your vehicle requires oil changes on a regular basis, your furnace requires service.

Once-a-Year Furnace Service Improves Overall HVAC Performance

Furnace maintenance is best left to the HVAC experts at Envirotech Heating & Cooling. Your technician will check the electrical wiring and look for any problems or signs of wear and tear with valves and the pilot burner if it’s a gas model. Plus, your technician will check and lubricate the blower motor and clean out any debris that has built up. All of these tasks, done annually, will improve your HVAC’s overall performance. And, better performance leads to lower winter utility bills and a more comfortable home.

Annual Furnace Maintenance Adds Years to Your Furnace’s Life

Back to the car example… You can skip oil changes and other maintenance items for your car, but doing so dramatically shortens its lifespan, not to mention leads to more expensive repairs “down the road.” All the older cars out there hitting the 200,000-mile mark on the odometer are doing so thanks to owners who’ve taken good care of their cars—never missing a service appointment. Same philosophy applies to your furnace. By performing all the tasks we listed above, you can avoid expensive repairs in the near future and add several years to your furnace’s life.

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There’s Always the Safety Concern

Skipping preventative maintenance on your furnace is a safety issue. Though rare, it’s possible your furnace can be a fire hazard if there is a problem with the gas line or a loose electrical wire. Remember, gas furnaces have pilot lights. Also rare are carbon monoxide leaks, which result in carbon monoxide poisoning. For these reasons alone, an annual service appointment offers peace of mind that your furnace is operating safely.

You’ll be More Comfortable All Winter Long

Annual furnace service keeps your unit working efficiently, which keeps your home a more comfortable, steady temperature. Improving efficiency increases comfort because your furnace can better work to maintain a consistent temperature. Pairing your HVAC system with a smart thermostat boosts efficiency (and lowers heating costs) since you can program it according to your home and away schedules. No sense in heating an empty home.

Just Put HVAC Maintenance on Autopilot

Your furnace is a fairly sensitive piece of equipment. Dirty, dusty coils and/or a clogged filter decrease air flow and can tax your system. Just because your furnace worked fine last winter doesn’t mean it hasn’t been collecting dirt and dust, which reduces efficiency, creates hot and cold areas in your house and decreases your furnace’s lifespan. Consider a maintenance agreement with Envirotech Heating & Cooling and put annual service on autopilot.

We have several options available for your home or business when it comes to maintenance agreements. Contact us today to discuss which option is best for you.