Benefits of Programmable Thermostats

Benefits of Programmable Thermostats

Maybe you feel like you’re living with Goldie Locks & the Three Bears—always adjusting the thermostat because your home feels too hot or too cold. Perhaps you’re looking for ways to save on your utility bills. Both are common situations when you live in the Kansas City metro, which has very hot summers and very cold winters. Seems like there are only a few days out of the year when the temperature feels just right and you need neither your air conditioner nor your furnace, doesn’t it?

For all these reasons and more, a programmable thermostat is worth the small investment considering the benefits you’ll get in return.

What can a programmable thermostat do for you?

  • Reduce your energy costs by 10% to 15%
  • Stop heating or cooling your home or office when you aren’t there
  • Program temperature settings for every time of day
  • Vacation and hold settings on most models
  • Easy to set up and adjust to fit your lifestyle

Is there a difference between smart and programmable thermostats?

Yes, there is a difference between smart and programmable thermostats, but the good news is nearly every HVAC system is capable of being controlled by an updated thermostat and they come in a variety of types to meet every budget.

When upgrading to a programmable thermostat, you have several options. We’ll start with the traditional programmable models and move up to the latest “smart” technology.

7-Day thermostats are capable of being programmed to a different schedule every day of the week.

5+2 thermostats are handy for situations in which your week day and weekend schedules are usually the same. 5+2 thermostats are popular for businesses that follow Monday through Friday work hours.

Smart thermostats are wi-fi connecting, allowing you to program and change settings on the fly via a device with the thermostat’s app and smart home hub. Smart thermostats can be programmed for different schedules every day of the week, making them a popular option for people whose schedules change often or who want the convenience of remotely changing the temperature, whether because you want your home comfortable when you arrive or you forgot to change it before you left.

Smart thermostats that learn and adapt to your schedule and use are capable of programming themselves based on when people are detected and your usual preferences. For example, if everyone leaves for work and school by 7:30 every weekday, the smart thermostat “learns” this and sets the temperature higher or lower based on the season to save energy until someone is detected returning. If you tend to turn up or down the thermostat at a certain time of day, the thermostat “learns” your behavior and programs itself to accommodate your preferences. These thermostats also connect to wi-fi and can be controlled via a device and an app or through a smart home hub.

What additional benefits can you expect from using a programmable thermostat at home and/or your business?

Envirotech Heating & Cooling technicians install programmable thermostats in both homes and commercial offices across Kansas City.

Homeowners, especially those with multi-level houses, will notice less temperature fluctuation between upper and lower levels and energy savings when zoned HVAC systems are controlled by a programmable thermostat. Not only does it allow you to control temperatures when you’re home and away, it also means you can control whether specified zones are heated or cooled. This is helpful in larger homes where guest bedrooms and such don’t need 24/7 A/C or heat.

If you own a vacation home, a programmable thermostat is convenient and capable of helping protect against expensive repairs. Set the thermostat based on when you’ll be there. Adjust it in winter time when necessary to protect against pipes freezing and bursting. If you rent out your vacation home, smart thermostats let you remotely adjust the temperature upon guests’ arrival and departure.

If you own multi-tenant housing, having a programmable thermostat is expected by today’s tenants. Plus, they are a selling point, allowing renters to cut down on their utility expenses.

Finally, if you own a business, a programmable thermostat offers peace of mind, knowing you only have to heat or cool your entire space when it’s occupied. Also, you don’t have to rely on employees to remember to adjust the thermostat.

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