Honesty Always Pays

I┬áreceived a phone call from a friend of mine over the weekend. He wanted me to price a compressor replacement at the church he attends. The air conditioning unit for the sanctuary was out due to a “bad compressor” according to another company. I received the list of items from my friend of what needed to be replaced (per this other companies pricing) and I worked up a price of $4808.

Well we ended up getting the job and I sent one of our technicians out the day before we were scheduled to do the installation to verify the correct one was on order. It turned out the compressor was not bad but rather the condenser fan motor was locked up and that caused the compressor to overheat and not run. This misdiagnosis by a different company was going to cost this church over $4000 more than the repair that was actually needed. I can only speculate that once they would have installed the compressor and found the motor to be bad they would have charged for the motor as well.

so long story short is that we diagnosed the unit correctly, saved the church over $4000, made the proper repair and they are now cooling. We also now have the church on a service agreement and will be taking care of them for years to come.

James Gallet