Are Whole Home Humidifiers Worth It?

This winter has been particularly brutal. In Shawnee and the KC metro alone, we’ve experienced days of below-zero wind chills. With the furnace running more to keep our houses warm, we’re noticing the impact of the low humidity levels associated with cold air.

You’ll find numbers vary, but the recommended level of humidity in your home runs between 35-50%. This is practically impossible to reach since furnaces zap the moisture out of the air as they heats it. This leads to a long list of problems for you, your family and your home and its furnishings. Avoiding these issues can be as simple as installing a whole home humidifier.

Adding a home humidifier system lets you control (and increase) your home humidity level. Since a home humidifier can be attached to your furnace, it runs alongside your furnace, making it a worry-free, effective solution to dry air. Humidifiers require little maintenance other than turning it off when you turn off your furnace for the season and changing the filter before you turn on the heat again come fall. An easy way to remember is to change the filter when you change your air filter in the fall, or ask your service technician to do it during your annual furnace maintenance appointment.

Whole Home Humidifiers Just Make You Feel Better

When the air is too dry, your nasal passages are dry and you can feel miserable from eyes, nose and mouth irritation. Even snoring or respiratory problems can worsen because dry air is uncomfortable.

Winter is notorious for dry skin, chapped lips and dry, cracked feet, hands and elbows. If you feel like you’re slathering yourself in lotion and chap stick, but still suffer from flakey, itchy, dry skin, increasing the humidity in your home can help tremendously.

Adding moisture to your air is ideal for helping you feel better. Whole-home humidifiers help keep nasal passages moist and skin and lips smooth in the cold winter months.

Eliminate or Reduce Annoying Static Cling

Lack of moisture in the air causes static cling and “shocks.” Are you constantly separating clothes, towels, blankets, etc. from each other? Are you tired of getting a jolt when you touch things? Then a whole home humidifier is a huge help in eliminating or reducing static by increasing your home’s humidity level.

Dry Air Wreaks Havoc on Your Home Furnishings

Dry air causes anything in your home that’s made of wood to shrink, warp and become capable of cracking. That includes wood flooring and wood furniture. Low humidity levels also harm artwork, wall paper, leather furnishings, caulking, photos… and the list goes on. There is a reason that museums are so fussy about their humidity levels. Dry air is damaging. Increase the humidity level in your home to safeguard against brittleness.

Increasing Humidity Levels Helps You Save on Energy Bills

Increasing the amount of humidity in the air means your home will feel warmer at a lower temperature, allowing you to turn down the thermostat. Turning down the thermostat means your furnace doesn’t cycle on and off as much to maintain a higher temperature. And, that reduces your energy usage and your utility costs.

Shawnee, KS Winters Call for a Home Humidifier System

The Kansas City metro, which includes Shawnee, KS, has winter weather that definitely calls for a whole home humidifier. We have cold, dry conditions, and cold air comes with low humidity, unless it happens to be snowing.

The colder it is, the more your furnace runs, drying out your skin, furnishings and home. If you own an older home, chances are that it’s not as air-tight as newer ones. Window and door drafts drop the temperature in your home and cause your furnace to cycle more, which dries out the air even more—a vicious cycle.

Your Comfort is Related to Your Home’s Humidity Level

If you’d like to talk about how a home humidifier system will help you feel more comfortable and healthier, protect your home’s interior and increase your heating efficiency this winter, contact Envirotech. Our experienced techs can help you choose the whole house humidifier that’s perfect for your needs, lifestyle and HVAC system.