Water Heaters

Envirotech services and installs conventional tanked water heaters, tankless water heaters and hybrid water heaters. Conventional tanked water heaters are the common one that you see in most homes where they have a 40 or 50 gallon storage of hot water ready for use when needed. One of the major problems with a tanked water heater is that is burns fuel and cycles at times even when you are not using hot water. Another problem is you will run out of hot water at times, for example if you have a family of five and everyone takes a bath or shower at night or in the morning back to back, you more than likely will run out and the last one in is taking a cold shower.

A hybrid or tankless water heater will save you fuel each year and will also provide you with constant hot water when needed. They have no storage tank and only burn fuel when you need the hot water in your home. They can provide constant hot water and keep up with your families hot water demands.  The hybrid also is vented to the outside using PVC pipe as opposed to the metal piping that is required with a tanked water heater. We no longer have to relocate the water heater on an exterior wall but can leave the hybrid in the current tanked water heater location, which helps save on installation and also avoids some waiting for the water to get hot time at your faucets. Envirotech installs several brands of tankless or hybrid water heaters, you can find out more about our products by giving us a call today.