Since 1984 Envirotech has been serving the Greater Kansas City area's heating and cooling needs.  At that time we strictly performed work on air conditioning and furnaces.  Today we not only devote 80% of our business to heating and air conditioning services, but we also service other items of comfort and energy solutions for our customers. Some of our services include gas furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, air handlers, boilers, geo-thermal heat pumps, Indoor air quality products, ice machines, home appliances, energy solutions and public speaking.

To find out more about our heating and cooling products visit our Heating and Cooling page


Is your house too dusty?  Is the air too dry in your home during the winter or are you noticing signs of mold?  Envirotech provides Indoor Air Quality solutions to solve those problems or most others affecting the quality your  home's air - including Electronic Air Cleaners, Media Filters, Humidifiers, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Zone Controls and more.  Visit our  Indoor Air Quality page to learn more.


If saving money, energy and our natural resources interest you, then you really need to look into our Energy Audit service. 

In an Energy Audit, we take a look at your entire home as a whole and give you some great feedback and advice to make your utility bills and energy waste as minimal as possible.  We also perform full load calculations for replacement jobs, evaluate insulation needs, lighting and home utility usage as well as a number of other related tasks.  To learn more, please visit our Energy Audit page.


Are you running your Heating and Cooling system into the ground?

Few people drive their cars 60,000 miles without a tune-up and oil change, and for good reason. Without regular maintenance, your car would perform poorly, cost a lot more to operate, break down frequently, become unsafe to drive, and eventually, quit. And yet many people run their home's comfort system this way. They let the air conditioner run through months of sweltering heat without giving it a second thought, and the furnace run without having the safety of the unit checked. Until the day the air conditioner expires and the house feels like a steam bath, or the furnace stops and now the house fells like the arctic circle. And what if your family gets sick from carbon monoxide poisoning? Air conditioners and furnaces are fairly sensitive machines. They are particularly affected by decreased air flow caused by anything from dirty coils to problems with the duct work or a clogged filter. Your equipment may be easy to ignore because it's kept out of sight, but if you don't maintain it, you will notice decreased comfort, increased electricity bills, and the high cost of repairs.


Envirotech Heating and Cooling has been servicing both residential and commercial ice machines since 1996. From 35lb under the counter up to 500lb commercial systems, we are your source for all your ice machine needs.


Envirotech services and installs conventional tanked water heaters, tankless water heaters and hybrid water heaters. Conventional tanked water heaters are the common one that you see in most homes where they have a 40 or 50 gallon storage of hot water ready for use when needed. One of the major problems with a tanked water heater is that is burns fuel and cycles at times even when you are not using hot water. Another problem is you will run out of hot water at times, for example if you have a family of five and everyone takes a bath or shower at night or in the morning back to back, you more than likely will run out and the last one in is taking a cold shower.

A tankless or hybrid water heaters provide constant hot water and can keep up with your families hot water demands. What makes them a better choice over the tanked unit is the hybrid units are tyrpically is 98% efficient so they burn cleaner and cost less to operate. This type of unit is vented to the outside using PVC pipe as opposed to the metal piping that is required with a tanked water heater. Envirotech installs several brands of water heaters so give us a call today to discuss your options.