Heating and Cooling

Since 1984 Envirotech has been serving the Greater Kansas City area's heating and cooling needs.  At that time we strictly performed work on air conditioning and furnaces.  Today we not only devote 80% of our business to heating and air conditioning services, but we also service other items of comfort and energy solutions for our customers. Some of our services include gas furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, air handlers, boilers, geo-thermal heat pumps, Indoor air quality products, ice machines, home appliances, energy solutions and public speaking.

HVAC Systems

There are so many different brands to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Well here at Envirotech we recommend that a homeowner or business owner makes their buying decision based on the contractor doing the installation as opposed to which brand it is. In all reality there is not a lot of differences between brands, but a bad installation, improperly sized piece of equipment or some other over site on the installation contractor can cost you more in utilities and also cause an uncomfortable indoor environment. So please choose your contractor carefully.

So how do we pick what brand we sale and install if they are all the same? Well I guess I should point out that there is some differences in some brands and there are a few on the market that are cheaply manufactured and tend to be noisy and wear out prematurely. So we base our product selection on who we buy from or our local distributor. We want a great distributor who will be easy to get ahold of, have plenty of parts and equipment in stock, answer their phones on weekends in holidays, in case an emergency should arise and also provide us with ongoing product training.

Envirotech's primary and preferred brand to sell and and install is Carrier heating and air conditioning products.  However, if you are in need of - or prefer - another brand we can still help you out. 


Envirotech sells and installs Fujitsu mini split heat pumps and air conditioners. What is a Mini Split? A mini split is simply a heating and cooling system that requires little or no ductwork and can be installed in tight spaces for spot conditioning and trouble areas of a home or office. If you have ever been to Europe or Asia you have probably had your hotel room or living quarters heating and cooled with this type of system. Here in the United States the mini splits are catching on due to their high energy efficiency and also for space conditioning of hard to heat and cool rooms, rooms with no access to ductwork, room additions, attics, computer rooms and spot heating and cooling systems are catching on due to their high energy efficiency and also for space conditioning of hard to heat rooms, rooms with no access to duct work, room additions, attics and spot heating and cooling. 


Did you know that as much as half of the energy used in our homes and offices are for heating and cooling purposes? Out of that we lose up to 30% of the efficiency in a standard heating and cooling system through leaky duct work, improperly sized or improperly installed equipment. The top of the line air conditioning units today being installed are rated at 16-18SEER, I like to compare SEER (or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) to miles per gallon on a car. The higher the SEER the better your MPG or utility usage is. The Mini-Split systems can achieve upwards of 26 SEER.....WOW!

The most common type of Mini Split that we install are the wall hung heat pump models. There is no duct work for this system and it will heat as well as cool. We have grown to love the quietness, ease of installation and operation of the Fujitsu brand systems. Some of the jobs in which we have installed the Mini Split systems are room additions, sun rooms (formerly a screened in porch), upstairs master suites, computer server rooms, finished basements with no duct work access, master bedroom additions and office spaces.  


Envirotech sells and installs Lochinvar high efficiency boilers. Who says comfort only comes at a price? The Lochinvar Condensing Wall Mounted Boiler proves it doesn't’t. This boiler features a uniquely designed stainless steel heat exchanger and offers 98% efficiency. The Lochinvar Boiler has the capability to modulate the firing rate to 20% of its rated input and is available in several sizes. This modulation means fewer cycles resulting in lower operating costs. A smart and convenient User Interface Module displays system status and fully adjustable parameter values as well as diagnostic codes for easy troubleshooting and optimum system performance.

Combined with a Smart Indirect Fired Water Heater, Lochinvar provides cost-effective, reliable heat and an abundant supply of domestic hot water. The boiler can be vented directly out of a sidewall with PVC pipe and requires minimal installation space, operates quietly and features an attractive jacket with a digital control panel. The boiler is equipped with a stainless steel premix burner and is available for natural gas or propane 

Envirotech also sells and installs Smith Cast Iron Boilers. Smith boilers are known throughout North America for their rugged reliability, operating efficiencies and longevity. Their products range from small residential boilers to the largest cast iron commercial boilers. Typical applications range from homes and apartments up to very large institutional buildings such as schools, universities and government buildings. Give us a call for your boiler needs.