Energy Saving Agreement

Are you running your Heating and Cooling system into the ground?

Few people drive their cars 60,000 miles without a tune-up and oil change, and for good reason. Without regular maintenance, your car would perform poorly, cost a lot more to operate, break down frequently, become unsafe to drive, and eventually, quit. And yet many people run their home's comfort system this way. They let the air conditioner run through months of sweltering heat without giving it a second thought, and the furnace run without having the safety of the unit checked. Until the day the air conditioner expires and the house feels like a steam bath, or the furnace stops and now the house fells like the arctic circle. And what if your family gets sick from carbon monoxide poisoning? Air conditioners and furnaces are fairly sensitive machines. They are particularly affected by decreased air flow caused by anything from dirty coils to problems with the duct work or a clogged filter. Your equipment may be easy to ignore because it's kept out of sight, but if you don't maintain it, you will notice decreased comfort, increased electricity bills, and the high cost of repairs.


We have several options available for your home or business when it comes to maintenance agreements, give us a call today to discuss which option is best for you.