Terri and James Gallet, owners of Envirotech Heating and Cooling has found great enjoyment in being involved in community activities.  Here are a few ways that they stay connected to the community.


James was an active wrestler throughout his youth and continued being involved with the sport after his wrestling career came to an end. James worked his way up the ladder as a kids club, middle school and high school official or referee and decided to step away from this part time gig when he became a father in 2001. After taking a short break from the sport, in 2007 he was pulled back in to help coach his two nephews who were just starting to wrestle. Well that next season he was asked to be the head coach of the Tonganoxie Kids Wrestling Club and was able to help the club double in size.  James was active with the Tonganoxie club through the 2011 season but there was a calling pulling him back to his roots so starting the 2011-2012 season James and Terri helped start up the Bobcat Wrestling Club in their hometown of Basehor, Kansas. There wasn't a youth wrestling club in Basehor for quit a few years and it only made sense for them to make this happen. In their first season they had almost 60 kids participate and had a very successful season. The kids wrestling clubs are a feeding program for the local High Schools and he is looking forward to seeing his former High School Team become a powerhouse in the state.  For more information on the team please visit the Bobcat Wrestling Club Facebook Page.


In 2012 a former wrestler of James' asked if he would sponsor his dirt track go-kart. This sounded like a fun thing to do and James really enjoyed 10 year old Trevor's work ethic and attitude on the wrestling mat so he agreed. Well Envirotech really didn't know what they were getting into but Trevor ended up being one of the top youth go-kart racers in the area. Trevor won Jr1 Lights and Jr1 Heavys points championships in the MO-KAN dirt series, and also won Jr1 Lights and Jr1 Heavys at the local track. Trevor has been doing great and has had several feature wins and raced in several Pro-Kart races around the Midwest. Keep up the great work buddy!

For the past four seasons Envirotech has also helped sponsor a local dirt track legend, Tim Karrick #1k. Tims family has been racing all over the Midwest for several years and we are happy to say that in 2012 Tim Karrick racing once again won the "A" Modified class at our local dirt track, Lakeside Speedway. After this Tim is now one of only two drivers to have more than two points championships in this division.


Envirotech joined the Johnson County Community College advisory board in 1999. The board is made up of local business owners, suppliers and former students. The overall mission of the board is to better the college’s program and make high school students aware of the opportunities in our trade. If you have interest in knowing more about a career in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technology you can visit


We have and always will take every precaution to protect our environment and ozone. One of the best ways that we do this is by reclaiming all of the old refrigerant out of air conditioning systems that we replace. This refrigerant is then taken back to a distributor and sent from there to the original manufacture. The refrigerant is then either destroyed of properly or cleaned so it can be resold and reused. If refrigerant is leaked into the atmosphere it can be harmful to the ozone. In addition all of the equipment that we remove is brought back to our shop where an independent scrap metal handling company tears down the equipment and recycles it. Our office staff also recycles all of our paper products, cans, plastics and cardboard. In addition to all of the above we try to educate our customers on the importance of installing high efficiency, ozone friendly equipment, which can reduce ozone emissions from 20-50%.