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Energy and Safety Tip - Have Your Furnace Cleaned Annually

Did you know that your furnace and air conditioner accounts for up to 60% of your home's utility bills? Did you also know that if you equipment is dirty or slightly running a little rough it could be costing you additional money each month? Each heating season you need to have your furnace professionally cleaned by a licensed service company.

Energy Tip - Insulate Your Water Heater

I was sitting in the kitchen this morning when my 8yr old came strolling in with a big blanket wrapped around her (I remember those days when I would eat breakfast with a warm blanket around me). For some reason this got me thinking of water heaters on my way into work. I am a big believer in the tankless or hybrid water heaters, however some homes and businesses are better off with a conventional tanked water heater as opposed to the tankless or hybrid models.

Energy Tip - Lighting The Natural Way

In the past I have written about using CFL or LED lighting for your home. Well there is another solution to lighting your home and guess what, its free! Before the widespread use of electric lighting architecs and builders constructed buildings to take advantage of natural light. Well this way of thinking and building has gone by the wayside and in its place we want homes that are pretty and people seem to not worry so much about effeciency and lighting (at least until we open our utility bills anyway).

Energy Tip - Clean Your A/C

OK so the past two weeks have been crazy busy for us at Envirotech Heating and Cooling. This nice stretch of hot weather has caused all of the air conditioning systems to run full speed ahead. Well guess what, alot of the air conditioners decided that they were not ready to run in this heat, so that meant hot houses and lots of business for us.