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Why is Propane So High Today?

I don’t know about everyone else but my family has sure went through some propane this winter and we are about due for another fill up just as these prices skyrocket. This winter we have already used 25% more propane than last year so add that increase and the higher prices together and it is a huge amount of money.  

Carbon Monoxide Safety


Well it sure is getting cold and wet outside which means that heating season is here to stay for a while. One item that we do not like to hear about during our winter months is "Carbon Monoxide Poisoning", yikes!

I'm Guilty-

Well this summer has kept us quite busy here at Envirotech but today rather than talk about an energy, health or green topic I am writing about a topic that has nothing to do with cooling, heating, comfort or anything else related to work.

Do you haul off my old stuff when you are replacing my system?

Do you haul off my old stuff when you are replacing my system? 

This is a question I get all the time when I am talking with homeowners about replacing their heating and cooling equipment. The short answer is “Yes We DO”; however I thought I would kind of run you through the process involved in “hauling it off”. 

Why is my house so DRY?

This time of year we get a lot of calls asking about our whole house humidifiers. This is generally due to our customers feeling dry skin, noticing the woodwork within their homes splitting or experiencing dry stuffy noses. Dry air can cause several problems with your home and your health. The ideal humidity level to maintain is somewhere between 30-50% but we have seen homes without a humidifier drop well below 15% in the cold winter months, which is drier than the Sahara Desert.

Tip Of The Month - Air Filtration

Typically, during the winter months, we spend a lot more time indoors than we do outdoors. This is also when people tend to be sick more often, maybe it is the lack of sunlight or maybe it is the air within our homes. Who knows for sure, but we do know that the air inside our homes can be 5-Times more harmful to breathe than the air outside! Wow!